Winemaker's Island
On the North Platte River, in the shadow of Chimney Rock, Nebraska
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How our hunts work

You and your group will be met at your hotel each morning and guided to the hunting area for coffee, donuts and a safety briefing, after which, you will follow our guide to the ranch for your hunt.

If you prefer not to clean your birds they will be taken to a processor and will be packaged for your trip home. A reasonable fee for this handling will be charged. Scott Schafer will give you the numbers. Nebraska law allows you to only take 2 limits of ducks & 2 limits of geese with you. Any birds legally harvested over this amount will be donated to appropriate charities.

We have dogs, but if you want to bring yours we can accommodate canine hunters as well at no charge.

After the morning hunt there will be a lunch break at the famous Pink Palace in McGrew. If there is to be an afternoon hunt – which we can provide when the geese arrive (ask Scott Schafer) – you will proceed to the cornfields for that. If you prefer, there will be an opportunity for a rest or nap prior to this hunt.


We specialize in customized hunts of duration to suit you. To fully enjoy yourself, talk with Scott Schafer regarding your preferences. You should plan to arrive at the hotel of your choice (see accommodations page) the afternoon before your first hunting day.

Prices for Duck only hunts
4 or more hunters in your group with guide $300/day per person
3 hunters in your group with guide $310/day per person
2 hunters in your group with guide $325/day per person
1 hunter with guide $350/day per person
No charge for use of our dogs, but a few pats on the head are appreciated.

Prices for Duck and Goose hunts

When the geese arrive (ask Scott Schafer) we can add afternoon goose hunts to your duck hunt for $50 per person.

Prices for Goose only hunts

When duck season closes we have a period of excellent goose hunting.
2 hunters (minimum) or more with guide (2 hunts) $275/day per person

Deer Hunting

Each year an evaluation will be made and a small number of choice bucks will be selected for harvesting. Bow hunting is the only method used due to it's low impact on the game in the interior of the ranch. For more information on the extrordianry opportunity of bow hunting from one of our cottonwood tree stands, contact Scott Schafer.

Pheasant Hunting

For pheasant hunting like the good old days, contact Scott Schafer for details.

Reserving Your Hunt

When you call for your hunting dates we will hold them for 10 days during which we must receive a 50% non-refundable deposit to make the dates firm. Major Credit Cards accepted.

Your Equipment

Remember this is cold weather hunting. Our blinds have heaters but we have to get in and out for necessities. Each hunter should have the following, and should be camo:

Hunting licenses can be obtained from retailers near your hotel or online through Nebraska Game and Parks Commission.

We hope to see you this season -
For Reservations call Scott Schafer at 308-430-2479 or e–mail Scott at:

Active U. S. military receive a 10% discount. We thank you.
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